TED Institute

The TED Institute recently partnered with the multi-national company Unilever for the event TED@Unilever.  Sean Gannet Productions was hired as the technical producer for the day-long event which featured dozens of speakers in the beautiful Cedar Lake Studio and Theater in New York City.  See this highlight reel for a taste of what the day was like.

Several talks from this event were featured on TED.com including Meaghan Ramsey, Myriam Sidibe, and Lord Nicholas Stern.

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TED@BCG Berlin was a TED-curated event featuring a diverse group of speakers from across the BCG community. Jointly produced by TED and BCG, the event put a spotlight on how technology is shaping business and society through speed, scale and pervasiveness. Sean Gannet Productions was the technical producer for the event, overseeing all aspects of audio, video, lighting, and broadcast. 

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